Tuffy's Offroad Adventures


                      Wheelin' in Johnson Valley, CA.
                                    Dropping  out of the trail head to Sledgehammer.



                                                            Save Johnson Valley



                                                            Map of the Hammer Trails


                          Current Weather conditions for Means Dry Lake      


                                                                Where do you wheel?



      Here's some other cool stuff, nothing to do with crawling, but if you're a gear-head, I think you'll enjoy it.

           www.bonnevillewideopen.com      www.circlecityhotrods.com      www.bigbearchoppers.com





Far off the Track

                                               If your heading out there,  I'll give you a tip

                                               It's wild and it's far, and you're in for a trip

                                               For just when you think it couldn't get rougher

                                              The path goes crooked and the going gets tougher

                                              But once you've traveled this far off the track

                                              You won't settle for less, and there's no going back.

                                                                                                         Patrick O'Leary